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Demand for energy, the fuel of growth, is expected to triple by 2050 and new investment and technology will be vital to solving the crisis in resource sustainability.

We proudly present Green Technology conference 2008. This year we are all set up in Haverhill, UK. We will showcase some of the most exciting innovations emerging from two powerhouses of scientific invention. The conference will identify opportunities for investors, customers and partners for companies, and energy solutions for governments and regional power suppliers.

Notably recognised as the best event for technology companies, venture capitalists, large corporations and government officials.

GreenTech 2008 is proudly sponsored by estate agent in Haverhill for many years. Their interest in renewable energy and clean environment has helped in making our conference possible.

Please use Contact Us page to register for the conference.

Conference Topics

  • Green manufacturing
  • Renewable energy
  • Green Technology
  • Tech Start-ups
  • Networking
  • Web technologies
  • Environmnet